Monday, 24 November 2008

Moving towards the future.

Last week was an important one for the most precious girl in my life.

Where we live in Ireland children aged between 10 and 11 sit two important exams which determine the school they will move to the following September.
M sat her second exam on Friday.

After months of hard work and concentration the pressure is now off. I'm looking forward to more time spent walking, talking and making and baking together.
It's a huge relief as fractions, times tables and long division aren't really my thing.
We just have to wait until February now for the results before we can choose her new school.


carolyn said...

I'm sure she will have done her very best, fingers crossed for the results you all hope for.

KP said...

Granny England was thinking and praying for M, it doesn't seem 11 years since we held our first grandchild in our arms.

rebekka said...

I LOVE the boots and the outfit!!!

BusyWoman said...

Hi there Cele,

just dropping you a note to let you know I am enjoying your site. I have only just recently found it.

I hope you are happy with the test results.

Michelle ( from Australia)

RID said...

Hope her the best!!!!
I loved your hair colour...Saludos desde Barcelona

Kelly Fletcher said...

Fingers crossed things turn out exactly the way she wants them to.