Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Oliver Postgate

Today we lost a wonderful man. Oliver Postgate died at his home aged 83.

He created some of the most imaginative children's books and television programmes ever made. You can read a tribute to him here.

Ive posted the following episode of "Bagpuss" because its my favourite.

When I think about how much I love Fairy Tales and creating things from fabric, I immediately think of this episode of Bagpuss.

I really do think that this Rag Doll house episode sparked inspiration and an interest that would last throughout my life and for that Mr. Postgate I will always be Thankful.

I've included the link below to a short documentary about this amazing Animator and his work.

The Youtube tribute put together by The Guardian can be viewed here.

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salina said...

So sorry to hear about that. I can tell I would have loved that show if I had seen it as a little girl. I felt the same way about an wonderful man named Fred Roger's who died some years back. He did the Mr. Rogers show on PBS. So glad for reruns so that my children can see him too.
I also came by to say thankyou again for the etsy order. What a pleasant surprise for me it was when I finally learned after reading my Etsy invoice who you were.:)I was like, "Hey, I know her!" Thanks for making my day.:)