Monday, 1 June 2009

Property development for Fairies

Recently we took a day to drive to the Ards Peninsula in County Down.

We walked through the grounds of Mount Stewart, enjoying the ancient trees and the carpet of bluebells.

Then we came across this little jetty at the edge of the lake.


These Alpine water ferns totally caught our imagination.

M and I almost immediately thought of Fairies.

We had recently read Barry and Tracy Kane's book "Fairy houses Everywhere"

The rest of the day was spent collecting materials and building.

We enjoyed building this little house so much .

I can see a Summer filled with more Fairy Real Estate.

I've agreed to carry a ball of twine and pair of nail scissors with us on all our walks and park visits just incase.

You can find some beautiful fairy houses created by Roxie on Flickr here and here.

Sometimes its Sunny

Some afternoons its Sunny in my back garden and here is the proof.
And, there are daisies popping up everywhere !

Hope the sun lasts for a few days more.