Monday, 24 November 2008

Moving towards the future.

Last week was an important one for the most precious girl in my life.

Where we live in Ireland children aged between 10 and 11 sit two important exams which determine the school they will move to the following September.
M sat her second exam on Friday.

After months of hard work and concentration the pressure is now off. I'm looking forward to more time spent walking, talking and making and baking together.
It's a huge relief as fractions, times tables and long division aren't really my thing.
We just have to wait until February now for the results before we can choose her new school.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Still on the mushroom thing

Our little fungi hunting expedition has given me craving for all things mushroomy. I've been thinking of making some felted mushrooms after seeing a fabulous pattern "Myriads of Mushrooms" by Grace Schnebly posted on Kathryn Ivy blog.

The nearest craft shop to where I live has a very limited range of 100% wool yarn.
Two colours to be precise.
Lucky for me they were in hues of mushroom. I bought a ball each of Sirdar Eco Wool DK. It has a lovely homespun texture. I had to cross my fingers that it would felt well.

For the red toadstool caps I managed to find some 20g skeins of Red Anchor Tapisserie wool that had been reduced.

Due to the impulsive "have to make it Now!" aspect of my personality I bought it and hoped for the best.

The Tapisserie wool felted really quickly. I made a mental note to scoop up any reduced skeins on my next visit for felting.

Thought I'd post this pic of me tinkering with the mushrooms in the forest.

I'm still knitting and felting so there may be more mushrooms to follow.....

Seth Lakeman Rocked or should I say Folked !

A few evenings ago we had the good fortune to go and see Seth Lakeman again.

Seth sings songs with a story, which we love.

Following the folk tradition of recounting the past and using his own unique style.

Described as folk music for people who aren't ready to wear an aran jumper or stick their finger in their ear just yet.

Our video clip of the night didn't turn out so well so I've added the clip below to give you a little taste of the magic.
You can find our version here. Not so good due to the fact we were behind the sound desk and D's arm started to hurt. Anyway enjoy this clip, much better I think.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Fungi Foray

A few Sunday's ago we met in a nearby wood to search for mushrooms. The walk was led by some members of The Northern Ireland Fungus Group.

The weather stayed dry and the scenery was beautiful.

We were amazed at how many species and types of fungi we found.

Needless to say that the children made the best foragers.

They have such good eyesight and can spot even the smallest mushroom hidden amongst the leaves and moss.

The experts helped us to identify our finds.

Our favourite native mushroom was the Earth Star.

A cloud of spores is released by this mushroom when raindrops touch it, or when they are tapped lightly.

I found this clip of one releasing its spores.

Just magical.

By the end of the afternoon we had found lots of variety's of mushroom but none in sufficient quantities to cook.

However we did gather a great collection for M & O to bring to school.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Kitchen Poetry 7

M helping to make creamy vegetable soup for todays lunch.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Kitchen Poetry 6

Cookies for the weekend.

Got these ready before work this afternoon.
I hope to post some family in tomorrows Kitchen Poetry.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Kitchen Poetry 5

The view through my Kitchen door this morning.

A grey and dreary day but my little glass apple cheered me.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Kitchen Poetry 3... ( celebration breakfast )

After staying up into the wee small hours to watch an historic event on Tv.

A celebration breakfast was called for. Home made Soda Farls.
Soda bread is best cooked on a griddle and stored wrapped in a linen tea towel.

I'm so lucky to have been sent this beautiful hand stencilled linen tea towel by Maya of maya*made blog.

You can see more and purchase some of her gorgeous work here on Etsy.

This was the second batch.

The first batch ?

Well to be honest they didn't last long.

They are too delicious when eaten warm with butter.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Kitchen Poetry 2

I'm enjoying taking the photos for "Kitchen Poetry" so much. It is allowing me to see my kitchen in new ways. When I stopped to take this picture this morning I was taken by the colours. I probably wouldn't have noticed this corner much.

You can probably guess we are eating lots of plums at the moment. Don't you just love the rich colours of their skin?

I don't often buy golden delicious apples as I prefer a crisper, more tart apple but the colour of these against the purple plums is amazing. I can see those bananas may be destined for a smoothie this afternoon.

Homemade Chili Bean soup. Mum came for lunch. Just perfect for a frosty day.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Kitchen poetry 1

This is my kitchen this morning.

Well really at the moment its the only bit tidy enough to photograph. This week I'm following Toni from Simplesparrow.

She is encouraging everyone to show some "Kitchen poetry". The real life everyday stuff that happens in our kitchens. Everyone is invited to join.