Sunday, 16 November 2008

Seth Lakeman Rocked or should I say Folked !

A few evenings ago we had the good fortune to go and see Seth Lakeman again.

Seth sings songs with a story, which we love.

Following the folk tradition of recounting the past and using his own unique style.

Described as folk music for people who aren't ready to wear an aran jumper or stick their finger in their ear just yet.

Our video clip of the night didn't turn out so well so I've added the clip below to give you a little taste of the magic.
You can find our version here. Not so good due to the fact we were behind the sound desk and D's arm started to hurt. Anyway enjoy this clip, much better I think.


dottycookie said...

Ah, I love Seth Lakeman, especially that song. We keep planning to take the smalls to the Cambridge Folk Festival, but it sells out so quickly! One year ...

RID said...

Wow!!!! Great! sounds fun, so fun!!!
Here in Catalunya we love and eat differents kinds of mushroom. It's a tradition!!!!
Salutacions des de Barcelona

salina said...

'Folked' instead of 'rocked' that's good.:)
I love folk and will have to see if I can find his music.
Take care,