Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Kitchen Poetry 3... ( celebration breakfast )

After staying up into the wee small hours to watch an historic event on Tv.

A celebration breakfast was called for. Home made Soda Farls.
Soda bread is best cooked on a griddle and stored wrapped in a linen tea towel.

I'm so lucky to have been sent this beautiful hand stencilled linen tea towel by Maya of maya*made blog.

You can see more and purchase some of her gorgeous work here on Etsy.

This was the second batch.

The first batch ?

Well to be honest they didn't last long.

They are too delicious when eaten warm with butter.


sherri s. said...

Oh my, how scrumptious!!! I love the butter, too--what's life without a thick bit of biting butter every once in a while! I love your first day of Kitchen Poetry, too.

Thimbleina said...

That bread looks yummy and that tea towel is to die for. I must try your apple chutney recipe - add to my to do list.
Great blog I shall be back
Thanks for visiting mine

dottycookie said...

Yummers! I have to try those - my hubby loves them and I bet home made are far better than shop bought (as with most things!)

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday :-) We're eating lots of plums at the moment too. Mmmm.

Fancy Elastic said...

oh man, soda farls are the bomb.

mayaluna said...

I love everything that you cook up in your kitchen! I feel so honored that your delicious Soda bread went into the tea towel. I've been a bit preoccupied... the big picture and my own little picture have kept me away for awhile. I've so missed you and your beautiful blog home!