Sunday, 16 November 2008

Still on the mushroom thing

Our little fungi hunting expedition has given me craving for all things mushroomy. I've been thinking of making some felted mushrooms after seeing a fabulous pattern "Myriads of Mushrooms" by Grace Schnebly posted on Kathryn Ivy blog.

The nearest craft shop to where I live has a very limited range of 100% wool yarn.
Two colours to be precise.
Lucky for me they were in hues of mushroom. I bought a ball each of Sirdar Eco Wool DK. It has a lovely homespun texture. I had to cross my fingers that it would felt well.

For the red toadstool caps I managed to find some 20g skeins of Red Anchor Tapisserie wool that had been reduced.

Due to the impulsive "have to make it Now!" aspect of my personality I bought it and hoped for the best.

The Tapisserie wool felted really quickly. I made a mental note to scoop up any reduced skeins on my next visit for felting.

Thought I'd post this pic of me tinkering with the mushrooms in the forest.

I'm still knitting and felting so there may be more mushrooms to follow.....


jen said...

can't have too many mushrooms!

carolyn said...

They are delightful, so fairytale like.

RID said...


bigbucketgirl said...

They are wonderful! I'd like to make some and 'plant' them out for the kids to find!