Saturday, 20 December 2008

All my parcels are posted

Phew !!! What a week.
I've finally got the last parcel in the post. Now to tackle the Christmas baking and finish off the presents for those closer to home.

I thought I'd share this Post Office advert circa 1951 by Lotte Reiniger, to celebrate that this year all my presents should reach their destination in time for Christmas.

Isn't it Great?

I love Lotte Reiniger's work so much that I bought M the DVD of Lotte's "Fairy Tale Films" for Christmas. Most of her short films included are based on classic fairy tales and all animated using her distinctive Paper Silhouette technique. The DVD is available here and you can find more clips of her work on Youtube.

I am amazed by her delicate attention to detail. Her work is Magical.

Prints of some of Lotte's stills can be ordered here.

You can read more about her work and life here.


salina said...

Oh wow! She was amazingly talented. Such detail. I love that kind of stuff. I was actually doing a bit of last minute shopping today and still have a bit more to do. Not good, I know. Shouldn't wait up to the last minute like that.:)
Anyway, you take care and please don't forget to let me know when you have received my package.:)

Kelly Fletcher said...

I loved Hansel and Gretel. Such attention to detail - it's incredible. Thanks for bringing Lotte to my attention, and have a fantastic Christmas.

KP said...

I love it,it's so clever. I love following your blog too, you make it ever so interesting.
Have a lovely Christmas God bless

raining sheep said...

Hi Cele, hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed holiday season. I am on a little blog break and am just enjoying time off work.