Sunday, 3 August 2008

Rain and Knot Quilting

Rain, Rain and then some more rain has left us looking for indoor activities to keep me and the children occupied. It has rained so much over the last month that I have to remind my self that actually is Summer.

An unplanned trip to a local toyshop however has introduced us to a new Craft !

Knot Quilting is the perfect activity to keep a child occupied and busy for a good few hours at a time.

We bought a Knot a Quilt pack also available online here.

Since M finished her quilt within a few days we have decided to try making another Knot Quilt using the brilliant instructions from Joyce Briggs which we found here.
The blankets can be made using fleece or flannel fabric. Youtube also has a great tutorial for Knot Quilting here. If you have a go I would love to see the results.

Another rainy weather pastime that we have taken up is no cook baking. Not as good for the waistline, but there has to be something to cheer us up when the weather is so bad. Over the past few days we have been eating these.

They're called "Fifteens" and are so quick and easy to make. No hot ingredients or stove so perfect for children who want to help. Here's the recipe :-

15 digestive biscuits crushed

15 glace cherries chopped

15 marshmallows chopped

15 walnut halves chopped

2 tbsp dessicated coconut and extra for rolling

1 tin of condensed milk.

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl, feel free to add extra crushed digestives if mix very sticky. When mixture holds together when squeezed, roll into long sausage shape. Coat in extra coconut and roll tightly in greaseproof paper . Allow to rest in fridge for a few hours. Slice into pieces 1-1 1/2 inches thick and they are ready to eat.

One good aspect of all this wet and humid weather are these,

Our beans are growing nicely and are looking pretty at the moment with their flowers. Hopefully they will be ready for harvest at the same time as our carrots. I'm off to ebay now to look for some suitable flannel fabric for the new Knot Quilt.

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Melissa Goodsell said...

oh we have one of these Knot a quilts too - aren't they fabulous for little ones!