Sunday, 17 August 2008

A Special Day

Yesterday was a Special day in our house. My birthday started with breakfast in bed made by O. Another surprise was that Duke Special was appearing on Sesame Tree !
Sesame tree is a project developed to encourage respect,understanding and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and is partly funded by The American Fund for Ireland and The Northern Ireland Fund for Reconciliation. It is our very own version of Sesame street and can be seen on BBC 2 at 07.45 am or viewed here.

My Kids and I enjoy both so it made for a nice start to the day. Here's a little taster of Duke Special live.

If that leaves you craving some more Duke Special tunes, his album "Songs from the Deep Forest" is highly recommended and is available here.

Thought I'd also add a link to the wonderfully talented Paul a friend and colleague of Dave and the puppeteer for Potto the purple fluffy monster. Paul can be found at Sirkus on foot.

After a great start to the day we had the treat of seeing our little budding ballerina M in the 27th Northern Ireland Ballet School performance.
The day finished well with homemade veggie chilli men using Wagamama sauce. We have'nt got a Wagamama restrant in N.Ireland but home made is the next best thing. Friends and family sent lots of lovely presents and cards. More about the those later as I think there is a small break in the clouds and posssibly a glimse of some Sun !!!
Oh ! forgot to say about the cupcakes, Chocolate with peanut butter chips (own recipe) and magnolia bakery chocolate buttercream topping from this book.

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