Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The Laziest Girl in Town

The past few weeks I've been procrastinating. In fact I think I'm turning it into an Art.

My to do list is growing by the hour and my enthusiasm for completing stuff is dwindling. I've been finding too many excuses to tackle the mountain of ironing which has grown in my kitchen . So that now the pile has reached such a dangerous level I'm worried that if it topples over it may injure a child.

So in true fashion, a few Sunday's ago when I really should have been sorting my house to make it pass Health and Safety standards, I was easily convinced by the girls to go see Mary Coughlan.

By coincidence her opening song was "The laziest girl in town" !

I've been trying to find Mary's version on line to share, but it's not there, I've looked. So I've linked is to Nina Simone's great version.

Mary Coughlan has been described in the Guardian as

"a red-haired warrior Queen with a voice like bleeding cherries".

It would be difficult to find a more accurate or fitting description. Mary sings it how it is, with no affectation or frills. Her new album "The House of Ill Repute" has just been released and is available here.