Saturday, 11 October 2008

Enchantment in the evening

For a few nights a year a local park is turned into a theatre of enchantment. Children and adults walk with fairies and magical creatures in the Celtic Twilight.

The trees and plants a lit with beautiful colours and the fairies play music in the Palm houses .....

and dance for our entertainment.

This year the children dressed up and we took some friends to talk to the smoke breathing Dragon, the Wish Fairy and an enormous and very cheeky Troll.

Our Enchanted evening walk through the trees was lit in spectacular colours.

We brought candle lanterns to light the way and ate warm honeyed cashews.

You had to be quick and alert to catch a glimpse of some of the Fairie Folk.

The tree pixies were our favourites.
Such amazing puppets which were so expressive and beautifully made.

The tree lady towered over us at nearly ten foot tall but was so elegant and graceful.
We definately plan be visiting the Fairies again next year to celebrate Autumn.


bigbucketgirl said...

That looks wonderful!

Kelly Fletcher said...

Looks like a lot of effort goes into this annual event. Must have been amazing.

carolyn said...

What a fabulous evening out especially with children.

mayaluna said...

pure magic...I think you can guess how much I wish I could have experienced this with my family, too! Thanks for bringing your camera so that you could share it with us:)

Nikki said...

Oh - I know a little girl at our house who'd have loved to go to that...(AND a big girl, come to think of it!!).

RID said...

Looks wonderful!!!
Hi from Barcelona.

jess said...

My daughter would die to be there! What a cool place that you live!