Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Blossom throw

I've been steadily working on the project that I started while staying in Wales and I think I have done enough to post a few pics of how its progressing.

Is that a stray marble and a dirty floor !

It's amazing the grime that shows up in a photo. Perhaps I should adopt photography as way to highlight the areas of my home that need some attention, I wonder if it would make me tidy?

Back to the blossoms. I had the idea of making a throw that would look like a carpet of flowers.

Here's a close up of the some of the squares,

The pattern is from this book -

Its by Jean Lienhausen and available here.

If you have a few minutes check out the funky crochet sweaters designed by Jean Lienhausen featured in this interview with her.

You can see the flower pattern I'm using on the bottom right corner of the book cover. I'm really pleased with this aspect of the throw. However after searching I am finding it difficult to turn up a suitable pattern for the "in between" squares. I have something in mind but can't find a pattern that is along the same lines. Unfortunately my crochet skills aren't developed enough to be able to make my own pattern just yet.

I suppose I'm searching for a granny square with leaves or a leaf on it. Any of the squares I have looked at so far have been to lacy and as the blossom squares are heavy it doesn't make a good match.

I would love to hear any suggestions, or of any books that might be of help.

Although I like the effect of the colour around the edge of the square. For example :-

I decided against edging every square with colour. Deciding instead to go with green "leaf"squares in between the flowers. Hopefully making it look less blocky when put together.

I've also been playing around with ideas for the edging, more on that later.........


mayaluna said...

Cele, this looks fantastic!It really looks like a flower bed bursting into bloom...perfect cheer for a chilly winter day. I wish I had something to offer, but alas I've never crocheted more than a chain...someday...and when I do, I'd love to make something like this!

KP said...

There are some leaves in that book I told you about which I love, '201 crochet motifs,blocks,projects and ideas' by Melody Griffiths, I have been trying a few myself

KP said...

I have just read the interview with Jean Liehausen it is very interesting

KP said...

The flower squares you are doing are great, I love the colours

Jane said...

Oh, I love these so much! Such beautiful squares.

hannah said...

wow you have done loads now! I am still looking for a leaf square for you, will let you know if i find anything!

Cele said...

Thanks for yuor lovely comments.I'm still searching, I've ordered a new book which might have some ideas in.

Lucy@Attic24 said...

You know what...I've been pondering this, and I think the flowers look so beautiful en masse that it would be a shame to seperate them. How about making some of the flowers in fresh greeny colours and interspersing them amongst the coloured ones?
I think this is such a gorgeous inspiring project, its making me itch to try it myself!
ps Cele, lovely to see you up in the Attic, i love your visits and comments, ((thankyou)) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

jess said...

I must learn to crochet, this is awesome!