Friday, 5 September 2008

Beans ?

I posted last month about how the wet and humid weather had been good for the Beans that we had planted. OOPS!

The beans actually turned out to be Peas !!

I was beginning to wonder as the pods formed that perhaps they wouldn't be the biggest of broad beans. The colour also seemed to be too " Pea green "shall we say.
A taster last week revealed my suspicions. Yep ! They are definitely peas.

Oh well I suppose life is full of surprises. I'm not sure what happened. I must admit to being easily distracted at times and I was very busy the week of planting. Perhaps we planted different seeds than we thought! Anyway, nice surprise and delicious.

We also harvested the last of our spring onions this week. Otherwise known as "scallions" here and one of the main ingredients for a traditional Irish potato dish called "Champ." So guess what we had for tea last night ?

The recipe can be found here. I was attempting to write the recipe myself and then realised that I don't use one. Instructions like a colander of potatoes and chunk of butter may not be that useful for anyone making Champ for the first time. So I played it safe with the recipe on the link.

This dish is warming, filling and tasty, perfect for when the weather starts to turn colder and best of all ,virtually no culinary skill required.

I'm off to finish some revision as I have an important course and exam this weekend in Fermanagh.

Wish me Luck !


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

How exciting to find your beans were really peas!!! I'd be delighted by that discovery!

Good luck with your course and exam!

Lucy x

Becky said...

I wish you luck!

It amazes me that I'm writing to someone in Ireland! I dream of visiting there someday. I found you through your comment. Thankyou by the way.
I'll be back to look at the old posts, but I must go buy something for supper at the moment.


mayaluna said...

I love this story...we missed peas this year, but had lots of beans! I just bought a bag of new potatoes from a farmer up the road...can't wait to try champ!