Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Happy St.Patrick's Day

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I've been thinking about my St. Patrick's Day post and wondering what it should be about.
I've considered crocheting shamrocks and making cupcakes with super green frosting.
Instead I've decided to show what we usually get up to on St. Patrick's day. The children and I usually go to watch their Dad and his friends at work.

My last post gave a little glimpse into my working world and how I earn my bread and butter.
I thought it might be fun to show you not only how we spend St. Patrick's Day but how the man in my life earns a crust.
What makes a good match for a Midwife ?

Here's a clue ....

Of course, a Circus Performer and Tutor !

Most years that I can remember we have travelled on the 17th of March t0 Downpatrick (burial place of St Patrick), and join in the Festival and watch the juggling, unicycling, fire eating and rolla bolla- ing and stilt walking. The children love to watch their Dad perform and have picked up a few skills themselves.

Various entertainers and Circus acts perform at different locations around the town. The children who have been tutored in Circus Skills Workshops through out the year take part in the parade.

Hope you enjoy the story of St. Patrick as told by a little girl and animated by Brown Bag Films.


dottycookie said...

I think you two must be the coolest parents ever!

Jeff Japers said...

that top photo is beautiful!