Saturday, 31 October 2009

Coraline pumpkin

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Happy Celtic New Year.
We are having a Coraline theme to our Halloween party this year.
I've just finished this pumpkin. I'm hoping to do another one as it needs a few adjustments here and there but thought I would post this one anyway.
More photos later.


Anonymous said...

i love learning about the origins of our commercial holidays and hoping to integrate them for my family traditions as my family grows.
exceptional pumpkin carving!

hannah said...

love this, and the kids were very excited - look- Coraline!! did you cut all the way through or just score like a lino cut?

Kelly Fletcher said...

Thanks, Cele. Quite nerve-wracking, but an exciting new adventure nonetheless. Love all your tree goods, definitely my favourite 'plants'. Just a pity the wind decimated all my autumn leaves so rapidly...

Kala said...

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