Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Best book shelf ever !

How Wonderful is this Bookshelf ?

You can find more details about the Designer here.... at Design Artist.

After recently moving house I've been looking for some new ideas. The new house needs some TLC and hopefully some of the work will be starting in the next few weeks. We have a big meeting with our builder on Monday. So in the meantime we are living with the previous owners taste in decor. Its exciting to be starting afresh with a new space to transform. We are trying to furnish this home with as many renewed pieces as we can, but will I'm sure find space some new stuff.

I've realised that after a few weeks browsing that there is a bit of a tree theme running through

the items that I have as favourites, some are unfortunately out side our budget like......

This Beautiful bed by Shawn Lovell Metal Works.

However I can afford this ....

Its from Urban Outfitters and more in my price range at £16.

This bed is cute but in my opinion is over dressed, I think it would be great with a less is more approach to the linen and accessories, what do you think ?

Its available on Etsy and called The Apple Tree bed, which is coincidental as since the first time we viewed our new home we have called it the Apple Tree House.
The bed is designed by Attilladesign.


amanda rose said...

ah... to have money to throw around on bed frames... if i did, i would for sure get the one with the nest. very cool! our bedroom is the size of, well, our bed. i can fit our bed and then a teeny closet where the baby sleeps. we rigged her bed in the bottom of the closet. anyway, i rant.
thanks for the lovely pictures for dreaming...

Christina said...

I'm trying to find the price of the tree bookshelf but when i want to the link- ITS ALL IN KOREAN? Help please. We love this!

Cele said...

Thats for the comments.
I'm trying to fing the price and shipping details as wel. My cousin is livin in Korea at the moment. She is having the details translated. I'll try and pass them on if she is able to get them.
Thanks for visiting :)

Dena E's Blog said...

Don't mind if I say, yours is a very cozy blog.Thanks for the honesty in your "about me" spot, :0)
Hugs and Blessings Dena
THe bed frames are just perfect if only we could afford one.

Claire said...

Really love the bookshelf and the metal tree bed!

PixieMuse said...

The white bed is perfect, but the white fluff that comes out of it is a little bit too much.
The book shelf tree is probably the only thing I can see myself as realistically having in my flat, although I would love love love it if someone bought me the metal works tree bed by Shawn Lovell.. ahh a girl can dream:)