Sunday, 25 January 2009

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

I don't know about you but my hands have been Freezing over the past few weeks.
This has prompted me to search for nice patterns for hand warmers. Although I like the idea of a full glove, they prove to be unpractical and I hate the loss of dexterity that comes with having the ends of your fingers covered.
So for me the perfect solution is market gloves, hand warmers or fingerless gloves.
I found these crocheted beauties on Etsy, made by the lovely Salina.

You can find more lovely things made by Salina on her blog Salina's Home Journal. I just love the cotton lace trim so much.

Thank you Salina. They are so comfortable, warm and most importantly pretty.

There is a saying that goes "Cold hands , Warm Heart" so to prove this true I've decided to have my first Give Away.

While searching for pretty patterns I have been tinkering with my own and have come up with these.

Please excuse the dodgy nail painting, nail art is unfortunately not my forte. I must get M trained up in the art of manicure.
If you leave a comment to this post with a link or copy of your favourite soup recipe before the 1st of February, I will enter you into the draw to win a pair of these hand warmers. You can choose the colour.
Good Luck.


salina said...

Hello Cele, here is my response to your comment you left for me over at my blog:

'Cele, hope your shoulder is feeling better. Yes, of course it is ok for you to do a post that links to my blog.:) I tried to comment on that post too but for some reason it didn't work. I will try again. I have a perfect soup recipe too but first I have to go looking for it.:)'

What an awesome job you did you your fingerless gloves/wristlets. Still haven't found that soup recipe but as soon as I do I will be back here to post it.:)
Have a great day!

hannah said...

love the handwarmers, both of them! can I enter the draw? I have a yummy butternut squash soup with tomato salsa I can email you!

runningonhemptea said...

soup recipe:

1 tin opener
1 pot
1 tin of Heinz vegetable soup
1 soup spoon
1 bowl

use tin opener to open tin of soup (being carefull not to cut yourself on the sharp edges), pour soup in to pot and heat gently for 2-3 minutes.
pour soup in to bowl and use spoon to transfer contents of bowl to mouth.
Can I have my gloves in pink please, oh and with fingers :)

Cele said...

Hillaroius Dave ! ROFL

jen said...

WOW, super fancy - i love these. :)

carolyn said...

Yep my hands have been awful chilly too and unfortunately I haven't had such prettiness to help!

salina said...

Hello Cele, I believe I still owe you a soup recipe.:) I couldn't find that soup recipe I told you I would send and thank goodness I remembered that I had posted it on my little kitchen blog.:)

Here is the link:

Rebekka said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

KP said...

just love the handwarmers will you show me how to make them when we come to visit you soon. God Bless
( mum in law)

RID said...

So cool! I loved it

Caley said...
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Caley said...

These are great, I've been wanting to crochet some wrist-warmers for awhile. Wanted to know if you might be interested in a Guest Feature at the website I write for, You can contact me via the contact form that the bottom of the page. =)